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Troubles showing your Buffalo area home

November 1, 2013

Showing a home isn’t always as easy as it sounds…

Let’s talk about showings for your home for sale. I am frustrated with the lack of professionalism by some Realtors. Not all, just a few. And I am not the only one who is frustrated.

I am sure that it is the behavior of these agents that give those of us that work hard to facilitate every showing and keep home owners informed a bad name.

Are you considering selling your WNY home? Here are a few things you need to understand. Those Realtors that are working with buyers have a lot to do. First off they have to qualify their clients, then select properties that:

  1. Their clients can afford
  2. That has the features they desire
  3. Deal with people that may not be completely honest
  4. Difficulty in scheduling appointments

There are times that these agents are faced with trying to schedule last minute appointments and are meet with resistance. But as a homeseller you need to be aware that it is not always the agent’s fault. I have a system in place to make sure that if someone wants to show a property last minute they can.

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Saving on your Utility Bills

October 29, 2013

Ways to save on your Buffalo utility bills

Saving MoneyBudgets are being stretched to their limits for residents in Buffalo New York. With the reports of predicted energy costs increasing this winter, many savvy Western New Yorkers are beginning to look for way to save on their utility bills. There are many ways to save on your utility bills and it sometimes it is the simplest things we do that can add up to big savings.

Ways to save money on your utility bills in Western New York:

  1. Energy star appliances
  2. Consider replacing your toilets with lower water use models to save on water
  3. Consider having a home energy audit
  4. When taking a shower in the winter, don’t let that water drain out. If you leave the water in your tub it adds heat and humidity to the house.
  5. Calk your windows and consider adding additional insulation if needed
  6. Use energy-efficient lighting throughout your Buffalo home
  7. Install a low-flow shower head

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Why sellers should care about their agents internet presence!

October 29, 2013

I just want my Western New York Home SOLD!

Why do I care?

Important WNY Seller Question:

Why do I care if you are on the Internet?

I just want my home sold!

You want results. You want the best exposure for your home for sale in Western New York. We want to deliver them to you. Delivery means doing business differently today.

The difference is the Internet.

A Little Background.

I started my Real Estate career in Florida, and discovered Blogging as an effective means of advertising listings and gaining Internet exposure. With well over 80% of buyers starting their search on the Internet, you need a Real Estate Professional that understand how to Market Homes for Sale via the Internet. Moving back to Western New York, I seriously looked at what did and did not work for me in Florida.

Working with amazing mentors I changed my focus and dug in. It seems fitting that Bloodhound Blog was where I ventured from the safety of ActiveRain. It changed how I looked at the Internet; it changed how I did business forever. I finally graduated from the Nursery, achieving success by implementing the best of Internet practices.

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Laurie Manny gently pushed me out of the ActiveRain Nursery and on to a post of Brian Brady’s on Bloodhound, then off to an assortment of other sites. Laurie has taught me to be authentic, consumer focused and engaging. Oh and a little thing called SEO. Brian Brady taught me to about being viral. Probably the most influential of Brian’s Bloodhound posts is an old one of his. I have to disagree with his use of the word instead, I prefer in conjunction with.

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Social Media Optimization

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Why pricing is so important!

October 21, 2013

Why pricing is so important in the sale of your Buffalo home!

There is much discussion on how to get your Buffalo Home sold. In today’s competitive Real Estate market the price you have your Buffalo home listed at is very important to getting sold. The price you start your Buffalo home for sale at will determine how long it will take to sell your home.

Why is it that some Buffalo homes sit on the market for sale for weeks and months. Yet others sell quickly with multiple offers in a Buyer’s Market? It has everything to do with pricing your Buffalo home correctly.

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WNY Commercial Real Estate News

October 16, 2013

Commercial Real Estate

Is this a good investment property?
Is this a good investment property? I hear that many times. Think about it. How many times have you seen a run down vacant property in Western New York and thought that would be a …

How Buffalonians can invest like Warren Buffet!
Residents of Buffalo are in a position to profit from the current state of the Western New York Real Estate market if they know what they are doing. That means that the savvy Buffalo Investor …

Commercial Real Estate Investment – What not to do!
When you have a losing deal don’t blame anyone but yourself. Ways to make money in Western New York commercial real estate: cash flow, appreciation, equity growth, and tax benefits. If you are not making money, …

Disclosure to Buyers

October 1, 2013

What Should WNY Sellers Disclose to Home Buyers?

What to disclose to homebuyers.


What to disclose to homebuyers.

By law, real estate professionals cannot fill out any sellers’ home disclosures unless the agent is the seller or a party to the transaction. If your agent can’t tell you, ask a lawyer if you need to sign every disclosure handed you.

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Every state has its own laws regarding disclosures, so the forms will be different. A federal disclosure such as Lead-Based Paint is required for all transactions if the home was built before 1978. Chances are in most areas of Western New York you will need this form. At the time that you sign the listing contract, your Realtor will ask you to fill these disclosures as well.

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It is all in the Presentation!

September 28, 2013

Staging Your Home For Sale

In a 2004 survey of Realtors®, almost two-thirds estimated that a staged home kept in show-to-sell condition sells for a price that is between 10% and 20% higher.   You can hire a professional to stage your home, or you can do many things to improve the presentation of your home by yourself.

Why stage your home for sale

When you decide to sell you Buffalo home you need to stop thinking of it as your home.   All the details that made it special for you, may not appeal to the Western New York buyers that can afford your home. You have a beautiful home that you decorated for your need and reflect your personal tastes. And in that lies the problem. It is deeply personal and it is your home.
Buyers may have difficulty making that transition to seeing it as their home.   The more a buyer is able to focus on the possibilities of the home for them and less on your decorating the more likely you will get positive reaction to your home.

Things you can do yourself

  1. Clear the clutter — Less is more! 
  2. Get rid of personal photographs
  3. Make sure the beds are made and rooms are tidy
  4. Run the vaccume cleaner
  5. Is your fridge an art gallery?   Remove it.
  6. Think it should be moved?  Move it out of the house.

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Should you use a Professional Stager?

It is all in the presentation to the potential buyers. If you present a vacant house, buyers are often unable to visualize the empty space as a home. Even if the empty house sells, it is often for a price far below the list price. Many times buyers think they want to take advantage of desperate sellers.

Home Staging is Decorating for Others
That is where home staging of your Western New York home comes in. Home Staging is a set of specific and very efficient techniques that enable Western New York buyers to envision your home as their home.
So instead of personalizing, we actually depersonalize the home for sale!
And, another important point: its very difficult to be objective about your own home. As long as you look at it as a “home” and not as a real estate investment, you wont be able to present it at its best FOR SALE.

A professional WNY Home Stager will evaluate your home and will provide you with recommendations to make the property irresistible to Buffalo buyers. The assessment may show more or less changes to be made to the property but, is there really a perfect home?

Many times a staged home assists WNY Buyers to make that personal connection and help them purchase a home rather than a house.
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