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Have questions about selling your home?

May 27, 2016

Seller Resources

Before our appointment to list your home…

Before our appointment to list your home…

Listing of your Buffalo Home The team at Best Buffalo Homes is really excited about listing your home and our upcoming meeting to get all the paperwork completed. To ensure that this meeting goes quickly and that we have all the information we need to list your home for sale we will need the following: All parties on the deed to sign the [More about the Listing Appointment…]

Need Inspiration to get your home ready for a showing?

Motivation to Keep Your Home Spotless Are you too busy to clean your Buffalo home? Or are you procrastinate doing chores around your home? Sometimes you may feel exhausted or perhaps a little lazy. This is not the time to ignore your household chores! Motivation in keeping your Buffalo home in showing condition can be an issue for many home [Songs to Inspire you while cleaning…]

Your home’s job interview — the Home Showing!

Home Showing is like a job interview. You would not dare show up to your job interview without wearing a freshly pressed suit, your hair done nicely, polished shoes, and a well written resume. So why is it that you let your home go to an interview with a stained suit, looking like it rolled out of bed, bringing the kids, and no resume? Selling [How to get your home sold during the showing..]

Additional Articles of Interest:

And this is just a selection of articles we have written to assist you in selling your home!

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