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Change your locks!

September 21, 2013

Importance of changing your locks


There are so many details about purchasing a new home. At times it can be overwhelming. In fact, in all the excitement of searching for a home, getting the sale approved, your home inspected, and all the associated excitement of getting ready to move into your new Buffalo area home, some things might fall through the cracks. One thing you should keep on the top of the list is changing your locks.

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The first thing you should do in your new WNY home is Change the Locks! The house you just purchased and now call home was for sale. What that means to you that the keys to that home were in many hands. Just think of all the potential people that have had access to the home from the previous owners:

• The helpful neighbor

• Inspectors

• Cleaning people

• Repairmen

• Friends and family of the previous owners

• The Listing Realtor

• The previous owners

Since you dont know who might have keys we strongly encourage you to change the locks immediately! It just makes good sense to change the locks. But many times, in all excitement, it gets put off or worse never happens. So you see, after you get the keys to your Buffalo home, the first thing you must do before you move in — Change those locks!

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