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Making the Offer on your Downtown Buffalo Home

August 15, 2013

Deciding on what to offer on the home you want to purchase…

Congratulations! You found a Western New York home that you want to purchase! After all that searching on the Internet, going to Open Houses and all this time together looking and we have found the house of your dreams. Now how do we make the it your Western New York home?

Making the Offer on the Home

What you offer on a Western New York home is dependent on many things. Do you want to offer above or below the asking price? Maybe you are thinking of offering the asking price. This is where we come in to assist you. We will have all the information that you will need to make a decision.

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Remember that the decision is YOURS. Our role is to advise you based on what is happening in the Real Estate market. Each home is unique in how to approach an offer. Some homes are over-priced and the owner wants to negotiate, others are firm and will laugh at any offer other than full price.

You are ready to make that offer, but what should you offer?

Factors that affect your offer price

Market Conditions

Is this a buyers or a sellers market? How are the homes selling in this community? Are they selling in a matter of days and with multiple offers? Is the community days on the market longer than 100 days? Depending on the type of market you may be able to offer lower than the asking price and still feel the offer will be taken seriously. If there are multiple offers on the table, you will have to step up to the plate or your offer won’t be considered.

VIP Pricing

Several Realtors are listing homes on the internet with VIP pricing. What exactly is VIP Pricing? Well it is a way to get a home on the MLS with a lower price. VIP pricing is a technique to attract buyers to put an offer in on a property while at the same time pacifies a seller who may be reluctant to put their home on the market for a particular price because they don’t want to take less than a specific figure.

In other words it is a starting point, they really are looking for a lot more than that price. Basically they are telling you what their bottom line is. Is this good or bad? It is different and affects what we are going to offer on the home. It is out there, and you should be aware of this strategy in selling.

Seller Motivation

How motivated is the seller to sell will affect their willingness to accept a lower offer. How many days on the market has this home been? Are there other offers? Has there already been several price reductions? Is the seller “Chasing the Market down”? Have they already purchased a home and the sale is contingent on the sale of this house? Are they testing the market? Are they relocating to another city?

Comparable Sales

Compare the most recent sold homes to that of similar homes in the area. Is the asking price in line with the most recent sales? How recent are those sales?

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What you can afford

Dos this home stay within your pre-qualification? Can you comfortably afford the monthly payments, and save money for a “rainy day” and handle unexpected expenses? Just because you qualify for a particular amount doesn’t mean that you should go to that maximum amount.

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Your Motivation to purchase

You really have to ask yourself – How motivated are you to buy? If you really want the home, you may want to make an offer equal to or greater than the asking price. A good question to ask yourself is how upset will you be if you do not get the home? This is particularly an important question when you are faced with the fact that there are other people offering on the home as well. This means you need to bring your best offer up front or your offer could be rejected immediately.

You see there are many factors that will affect your offer price on a Western New York home. Together we can put together an attractive offer for the sellers.

Thinking of purchasing a WNY home? Then call Colleen Kulikowski at (716) 650-0051 to discuss what is happening in today’s Western New York Real Estate Market. Check out our Buyers Resource page, or fill out our request form below for more information.

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