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Saving Money on your Home Purchase

March 18, 2012

How Buyers Can Save Money (and aggrevation) on their Home Purchase

Saving yourself time and money in the home buying process is a lot easier than you think.

The process of purchasing a home doesn’t have to be diffcult!


You want to purchase your but there are so many decisions and you have a few questions. First off, realize that if you are purchasing your first home or your 10th home you are going to have questions. No question is a dumb question!

The process of purchasing a home can be frightening but it does not have to be. It does not have to be overwhelming either. That is why you enlist the assistance of a Realtor®.

Before you even start dreaming of owning your home, you must apply for your mortgage if you are not paying cash for your home. You will need to work with a bank, Mortgage Banker, or Mortgage Broker to start your Mortgage Application; they in turn can share with us the amount you are qualified for. This will tell you exactly how much money you can spend on your new home.

The first decision you are going to make is where you are going to live. Questions to ask when you are selecting location include:

  • Do you want a more country life with farms all around?
  • Do you prefer living in a place that all the houses look the same?
  • Do you want a brand new home or would you consider a home that needs a kitchen remodel?
  • Does your taste run to the city lifestyle?

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