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Finding your Dream WNY Home

December 5, 2009

Getting Real Estate Bargains!

Finding a great Real Estate Bargain in WNYRight now, in Western New York and across the country there are a lot of bargains on the housing market.   The housing market down across most of the country, and foreclosures continuing to rise, has created opportunity for many would be home owners. 

This is a good thing right?

The problem is that you are not the only person looking for a good deal when buying a home in the Greater Buffalo area. That is why it is important to be prepared before you start looking seriously. You want to make sure that when you see the right deal for you, some other bargain hunter doesn’t swoop in and take it.

Three things to ensure success in finding your dream home!


Most importantly you need to know your neighborhoods and the market conditions.   Each neighborhood has unique qualities and you need to be ready willing and able to jump on an opportunity.   Working with a Realtor you will have an advantage to the homes that come on to the market. 

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Be Prepared!  Have pre-approval for your mortgage loan.  Select your Home Inspector and Attorney before you start your search.  Have a checklist, this way when you find the right house you will ensure that you are ready to go.

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Try to find sellers that have reason to sell their Western New York home.   Perhaps they are in financial trouble, are looking to downsize or move up in the Real Estate market.    A motivated seller places you in a better position when you are negotiating with them and with all that preparation you can close faster!

Call me at (716) 743-5297 to start your home search today!

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