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Why Call Buffalo Home

September 5, 2009
Buffalo New York is the largest city in Western New York and with the recent death of our greatest Ambassador, Tim Russert there has been a spotlight on our area.  What makes Buffalo so special?   It is a combination of things, but most importantly it is the people here that make it such a great place to live and work.   No where else have I come across a group of people so welcoming of newcomers, willing to do what needs to be done and diversity.  Buffalo has been named an All-American City, Cookout Capital of the North East and the list goes on:
  • According to a June 2008 Reader’s Digest poll, Buffalo is the 3rd cleanest city in the United States.
  • City Honors High School was named by Newsweek in May 2008 as the nation’s 11th best public high school.
  • According to Best Life May 2008 article Buffalo rated the 29th best city to raise a family.

Buffalo even has an event welcoming those that have left back in Buffalo Homecoming.   Buffalo NY is a city under an amazing amount of change.
Visitors regularly say, “I had no idea.” This expression of surprise has happened so often weve given it a name: the “Who Knew?” effect. As in, “Who knew Buffalo was such a beautiful city?” or “Who knew there was so much to do here?”
So you have made the decision to relocate to the Greater Buffalo area. Find here a series of links that will help you examine the many wonderful historic, cultural and economic reasons to call Western New York home.


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