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August 11, 2009

Showing a home isn’t always as easy as it sounds…

Buyers can make showing homes difficult for Realtors…

Let’s talk about showings for your home for sale.  I am frustrated with the lack of professionalism by some Realtors.  Not all, just a few.  I am sure that it is the behavior of these agents that give those of us that work hard to facilitate every showing and keep home owners informed a bad name.

Are you considering selling your WNY home? Here are a few things you need to understand.  Those Realtors that are working with buyers have a lot to do.  First off they have to qualify their clients, then select properties that:

  1. Their clients can afford
  2. That has the features they desire
  3. Deal with people that may not be completely honest
  4. Difficulty in scheduling appointments

There are times that these agents are faced with trying to schedule last minute apointments and are meet with resistance.  But as a homeseller you need to be aware that it is not always the agent’s fault.  I have a system in place to make sure that if someone wants to show a property last minute they can.

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