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Real Estate Myths Busted!

April 2, 2009

Five Biggest Real Estate Myths

The Today Show recently featured Barbara Corcoran discussing the Five Biggest Real Estate Myths.   This is something that I think both Buyers and Sellers need to watch. I am always asked “Is this a good time to sell?” or “Should I purchase a home in WNY now?”   Those are loaded questions folks.   You cannot answer them generally.   Each situation is unique, your goals and needs are part of the reason it is either a good or bad time to buy.   But there are signs that now is a good time to purchase in our area.

Read AlsoAnd exactly why are you sitting on the fence about purchasing a Buffalo home?

It is helpful to understand these myths and how they may apply to your situation. These myths are:

  1. Sellers are desperate
  2. Don’t buy before prices have bottomed
  3. You can’t buy a home unless you have 20% down
  4. Now is the absolute worst time to sell
  5. Before you refinance, shop around

To see more on the subject visit the Today Show’s Real Estate Myths.

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