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It may be winter, but let’s think about the summer….

January 23, 2009

And the possible listing of your home for sale….   What does it take to successfully list and sell your home for sale?   Could a yard improvement assist the chances of sale?   Or would it be much more effective to get rid of the excess clutter in your home?

Featured Real Estate Articles

Did your Buffalo Realtor “Buy Your Listing”?»

“Oh that Realtor bought that listing…” is something that you may hear and wonder how that can be. Well first off it helps if we explain what “Buying a Listing” is in the Real Estate Industry. There are Realtors out there that will take an overpriced listing to just put their sign in the lawn and give them the ability to advertise a listing in a specific Western New York community. Their goal is to break into a new market. They think that they will get the seller to drop their price after a couple of weeks. Meanwhile you lose valuable marketing time and start on the slippery slope of Chasing the Market Down.


How to have a Successful Garage Sale in Western New York»

You don’t have to be a Yard Sale Queen to have a successful Garage Sale in Western New York. And with National Garage Sale Day coming up on August 10th it is a great time to start thinking about having a Garage Sale. There are a few things that you do in preparing for a Garage Sale that will make your life a lot easier.


Buffalo Relocation Guide»

Need more reasons why to relocate to Buffalo NY? Perhaps you are considering relocation to the Greater Buffalo region and need more information. Let me assist you in the process of deciding Buffalo is right for you! Call me today (716) 743-5297 to find out more and receive my free customized Buffalo Relocation Guide for you.

You will be curious to know about Buffalo Communities, the individual neighborhoods of Buffalo and find resources to assist you in deciding that Buffalo NY is for you! This website is packed full of community information, market reports and information to assist you in the purchase of your Buffalo home!

When people speak of Buffalo they don’t always mean just the city of Buffalo. In fact many of those that live in the seven counties of Western New York will refer to themselves as Buffalonians. The pride in the area is that strong. So communities like Amherst, Cheektowaga, Lewiston, Grand Island, North Tonawanda, Williamsville, Orchard Park are just a few of the Buffalo communities here.


Backyard improvements to enhance your enjoyment of your Buffalo home!»

Instead of taking a summer vacation this year, many people are starting to enhance their Western New York backyards for year round enjoyment. Granted, year round is a matter of your tollerance for the cold weather. Fortunately for Buffalonians a little snow doesn’t stop us! Just install a fire pit!

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