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Do you really want to sell your Buffalo Home by Yourself?

January 14, 2009

There are many factors that go into marketing, showing, and successfully completing a Real Estate transaction in Western New York that you may not be familiar with. 

If you act on your own in Western New York, you will eventually discover the process is involved and full of potential pitfalls.  It might be best to investigate the questions and answers before you commit to the journey. 


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  • What will a Home Inspector find when the house is inspected? Read Also:  Home Inspection Reports
  • Do you feel confident that your home is staged properly?  Read Also:  Staging Your Home – It isn’t always all about what you see…
  • Are you ready to hold open houses on many Sundays?  Read Also:  Open Houses don’t sell houses!
  • Are you prepared to cope with prospective buyers’ criticism?  Read Also:   Removing Buyer Objections
  • If a Buyer’s Agent shows your home, what will your compensation to them be if they bring in a buyer?
  • Are you aware of the legal forms and contracts you need? 
  • Do you know what property disclosures are legally necessary?  Read Also:  What Should WNY Sellers Disclose to Home Buyers?
  • How will you deal with contingent offers?
  • Is your mortgage assumable?  If so what are the terms and interest rate.
  • In the offer-to-purchase, what protections are to be put in place?
  • How will you determine if the Buyer is financially qualified?  Read Also:  Do You have the Credit Score Blues?
  • How much earnest money will you require?
  • How will you handle the request for buyers request for concessions?
  • Have you a time frame in mind before you have to sell? 

You put yourself at a distinct disadvantage by not contemplating these questions before you list your home.  If you do list your home you are committing yourself and your family to an involved and time consuming process.  Be ready!  Call me today at (716) 743-5297.

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