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November 2008 Real Estate News

November 12, 2008

Buffalo Real Estate News by Colleen Kulikowski

Conditions Vary. Good Advice Doesn’t.

Reading online you become friendly with Real
Estate Professionals all over the country.   Yesterday, I read a post
on Positive Real Estate Professionals entitled “Fear Factor – What’s your
Role?” and in it he had this great commercial that I am
sharing.   It is for an investment firm, but the …

Downtown Buffalo
| 1031 Tax Exchange Basics

Federal and State Capital Gain Taxes can be

Could a 1031 Tax Exchange be in your

A 1031 exchange can defer the capital gain taxes that
are due when you sell property that has increased in value or been depreciated
for tax purposes. Section 1031 of the …

to have a successful WNY Real Estate Flip

It’s one of the hottest trends in real estate
market today – buy a house, quickly fix it up then turn around and sell it for
a huge profit. There is great potential to make incredible profits here in
Western New York. Every day we speak with potential property flippers …


Estate Explained | What is Rent to Own?

WNY Creative Homeownership Options There are
many reasons why people cannot purchase a Buffalo home right now.  Some
people may be able to afford the monthly payments, but not be able to afford
the initial costs of purchase including down payment and closing costs.  
Should you give up your dream of home …


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