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Buffalo Real Estate News October 2008

October 9, 2008

Real Estate News

Buffalo and Western New York is a very lucky area.   There are homes still being sold to ready willing and able buyers.   Homes priced correctly are selling.   And we can see that there are many people that are returning to the Buffalo area.

Western New York is Still Ok»

In Western New York, the housing and mortgage markets are doing fine and will continue to be ok. We just have to turn off the national news. With the bail out finally being settled and the threat of a credit crunch, and I do mean threat, being behind us. We need to focus on the future.

Looking at the Erie County Real Estate Trends»

Often the media talks about how terrible this market is. But let us focus on the good news. Homes are selling and those that are selling are selling in the range from 50-70 days. So in this terrible market, why is that happening? It is simple, these sellers understand the importance of pricing their home correctly and do so from the start. Those that don’t are on the market for far longer and experiencing chasing the market down first hand.

September 2008 Buffalo New York Condos for sale»

Buffalo New York is a wonderful place to call home. Living in the city there is a diverse selection of places to call home. Here are the statistics for all Buffalo Condos for sale.

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