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WNY Luxury Home Sales

August 20, 2008

Buffalo Posts highest Luxury SaleAnd they say Buffalo is a dying city….

Recently, Buffalo NY was named a dying city by Forbes Magazine.   Buffalo NY is not an area known for million dollar sales for homes.   In fact so far this year the most expensive home sold in Buffalo or Niagara Counties sold for $995,000 in Lewiston.  So when there is one that does sell for over a million dollars it becomes news, have two more than triple the highest sale you have a major news event!

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The Buffalo News reported this week two homes in Hamburg that will break the sales record of highest sold homes in Western New York.  Deals have been signed on two homes located at 6553 Boston State Road and 6523 Boston State Road in the Town of Hamburg for $3.3 million, and $3 million, respectively. The sales are scheduled to be finalized within the next month. 

Peter Hunt said of these luxury WNY home sales:

Peter F. Hunt, president and chief executive of Amherst based Hunt Commercial Real Estate, said the big-ticket deal has the potential to put a spotlight on the Buffalo area’s stock of high-end homes.

“This will help demonstrate the great values that exist here in the luxury real estate market. You can get far more here for the buck in terms of quality than just about anywhere else in the country,” Hunt said.

The real estate executive said out-of-town buyers are frequently “floored” when they see the level of home they can afford in Buffalo, compared with most large urban areas.

“In Manhattan, $3 million buys you maybe 1,500 square feet. In the Buffalo area, it will buy the estate of your dreams,” Hunt said.

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