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Buffalo Pride

June 30, 2008

Buffalo NY just lost our greatest ambassador in Tim Russert. Two weeks after his death we had an amazing weekend that celebrated everything he loved about Buffalo NY. I was an honored to be a member of a group of Buffalo ambassadors that organized this event.

I returned to the Buffalo area after 21 years of being away to be closer to family late last year. Inspired by Oprah’s “Big Give”; I gave some time and expertise to Buffalo Homecoming. In doing so, I made new friends and was inspired by the many wonderful Buffalo Ambassadors we have right here in Buffalo NY.

I got something that I didn’t expect in giving. It is this wonderful feeling inside of me. My connection to the Buffalo New York region strongly rooted, and confirmation that I belong here. Marti Gorman lead the way, with a steering committee of community leaders and a core group of 20 somethings lead by Matt Carlucci and Joe Malczewski, who just wanted to make a difference was the reason Buffalo Homecoming was so amazing.

The people that organized this event believe in our community and at every turn showed how Buffalo NY is an amazing place to call home. Not only was it the Cultural Arts, Sports, the Career Opportunities, the progressive new companies but it was the people that made this event so special.
Visit for more information and the blog for details about the weekend. While you are there, you can find out how to sponsor and volunteer and get that feeling I was talking about!

Read the Rest of the story at:  Buffalo NY — No greater place to call home!

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