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Buffalo Homecoming – How to bring people back to a community

June 30, 2008

  Hoyt Lake during Buffalo Homecoming

Buffalo NY – No better place to call home!

Pride in Buffalo shined this past weekend.  Even though the weather didn’t always cooperate, it was an amazing weekend!   Buffalo Homecoming 2008 showcased the best that Buffalo has to offer!   The four day celebration June 26-29 gave us the opportunity to share the great restaurants that the Greater Buffalo Region has to offer, and showcase 20 of the most progressive CEO’s.   There were 40 companies at the Career Fair with amazing job opportunities.  We celebrated the Arts and Cultural organizations in Delaware Park and saw the launch of the row boats in Hoyt Lake after years of them not being available.   Some took in art exhibits at the Albright Knox Gallery others enjoyed local artists in the Casino on Hoyt Lake while the Buffalo Philharmonic String Quartet played.  And as our event ended, many people strolled over to Shakespeare Hill to enjoy King Lear.

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On Saturday we discovered all that is great about Buffalo from the Downtown Housing Tour and the variety of neighborhood tours.  Then there was the Buffalo Bison’s Game — where I got to invite everyone to the Sunday Brunch at the Buffalo Zoo, where we paid tribute to Tim Russert.   We had a reunion party that joined the 80’s Bash because of weather, and in true Buffalonian spirit, one event opened its arms to another!   Buffalo is truly the city of Good Neighbors.   Don’t you want to call it home too?  Below is a slide show of all the photos that were taken on my camera during the event.

Buffalo NY just lost our greatest ambassador in Tim Russert. Two weeks after his death we had an amazing weekend that celebrated everything he loved about Buffalo NY. I was an honored to be a member of a group of Buffalo ambassadors that organized this event.  

The people that organized this event believe in our community and at every turn showed how Buffalo NY is an amazing place to call home. Not only was it the Cultural Arts, Sports, the Career Opportunities, the progressive new companies but it was the people that made this event so special.

Make pans for the next Buffalo Homecoming Weekend June 27-30, 2009… Visit for more information and the blog for details about the weekend.  While you are there, you can find out how to sponsor and volunteer and get that feeling I was talking about!


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