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Welcome To Buffalo WNY Homes!

June 23, 2008

Buffalo New York Albright Knox Art Gallery


Buffalo NY is a community that has been misunderstood by many but those that live in Western New York know it is a wonderful place to call home.   Situated in the western portion of New York state nestled on shores of Lake Erie.  The Buffalo region is one of the fastest growing Real Estate markets in the United States today.  To the north is Niagara Falls and over the boarder Toronto.

Buffalo is a city under an amazing amount of change; all for the positive. Visitors regularly say, “I had no idea.” This expression of surprise has happened so often weve given it a name: the “Who Knew?” effect. As in, “Who knew Buffalo was such a beautiful city?” or “Who knew there was so much to do here?” or the “Who knew there were so many amazing restaurants?”  

There is something in the Buffalo Niagara Region for everyone.   Winter snow provides some incredible opportunities to enjoy winter and mild summers set the stage for incredible sailing on both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.  The weather also creates an incredible micro-climate for some of the best wine that is produced on the shores of Lake Erie.  Sports fans have a selection of professional and college teams to cheer for.   Those that love the arts there are an amazing selection of Museums and Theatres.   With over 20 colleges and universities in the Greater Buffalo region, Western New York is progressive in Sciences and Technology fields.

Thinking of purchasing Real Estate in the Buffalo Region?   There is an amazing selection of affordable housing and in Western New York you are never more than 20 minutes from Downtown Buffalo. 


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