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What do Great Artists and For Sale By Owners have in common?

June 6, 2008

What do Great Artists and For Sale By Owners have in common?

Art Galleries facinate me.  I can spend hours and hours browsing and never purchase a thing.  Yes I want the many beautiful peices of art, but I cannot afford them.  Kinda sounds like a few buyers of Real Estate that are shopping today?

Artists, both famous and not, use Art Galleries to present their work to the right audience. They focus their time on what they do great which is to produce the works in the first place. Many of these galleries take 40-60% of the sale as their part in presenting, advertising and handling the many details of selling a piece of work.

What has happened in the art world is that the Internet has made art more accessible. With that why is it that Galleries are increasing in popularity? Because the artist knows how to maximize their time and put it to the highest and best use.

How does this apply to you – the for sale by owner?

Selling your home is much like selling a piece of artwork. There has been a lot of love and attention paid to it. It is highly personal and the value you see in it is not what others might see. There are many details that go into the and sale of it, that you might not be aware of.

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